About Our Team

 20+ Robots 4 Schools 70 Alumni 1 Decade

FIRST Robotics Team 2471, Team Mean Machine, is based in Camas, Washington.

We build robots to operate at competitions on the district and international level. Our current team membership totals at 44 students and 14 mentors. We hold numerous titles from our districts and district championships in the Pacific Northwest and the World Championships. Students are selected for our team based on the same principle that began FIRST Robotics: their interest in science and technology! We are dedicated to safety in our work, innovation in our creations, excellence in our designs, and gracious professionalism throughout our community.

Incorporating New Students

Students of 2471 enroll at Camas, Discovery, Washougal, and Hockinson High Schools. As new students sign up, they are invited to come to meetings where we work to find their speciality, or division, that best suits them. The team is comprised into three divisions: Build, Programming, and Business. Once a student has decided upon a division of interest, they are paired with a veteran student from the selected division who trains them on pertinent information to their interest. This process ensures that all of team 2471 is engaged in a proactive cycle of learning and teaching. It’s not uncommon for students to commit themselves to multiple divisions due to a broad interest in all the team has to offer.

Our Goal

Our goal is to train students to be more affluent in the professional STEM or business fields that they wish to pursue. Subsequently, that’s exactly what students gain in time while on 2471. Students who have incorporated with a division and successfully completed introductory training will begin to explore projects that advance their respective knowledge, push them to seek new and innovative solutions, and initiate their involvement in leadership positions on the team.

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Our Alumni

Armed with skills and knowledge from 2471, veteran students, or students of higher grade level, have gained internships across the Pacific Northwest. These prestigious internships have ranged from three year commissions at Boeing to Oregon State University’s research laboratories. Beyond their years on the team, alumni of 2471 have gone on to pursue degrees or careers at University of Washington, M.I.T., Sharp, and SpaceX, just to name a few.