STEM Clubs Mini-Machine

What is a STEM Club?

By 2471 standard, a STEM club is any school affiliated club that focuses upon one or more merits of science, engineering, technology, and mathematics through hands on projects and demonstrations that isn’t affiliated to any third party organization outside of its native school and/or school district. These clubs are generally overseen by parents or faculty and fill a void where no other could. These clubs have no handbook to follow, they simply attempt to inspire the students they recruit with thought invoking challenges and imaginative problem solving.

These programs are unique for their independence from any established organization. 2471 recognizes and respects the challenges that such clubs may face. Thus, 2471 has developed a resource library to supply a means of assured material aid. This library works in two cycles: clubs or teams can choose to check out materials from the library for one year, or they can request that the library purchase materials for them, under the agreement that the purchased materials will then be returned to the library at the end of that year for lending to any team or club the following year.

Moreover, students from Team Mean Machine are available to advise or assist in mentoring said clubs that request aid. Dependent upon scheduling, students of 2471 can meet up to weekly with clubs that request their assistance.

If you would like further information about our resource library or would like to receive aid from either our resource library or our students, please contact us below.