Team Structure

Team Mean Machine is comprised of three primary sub-teams. Each of these three sub-teams fulfill unique functions in keeping 2471 running smoothly both in and out of competition. These sub-teams along with their specific functions are listed below:

Business: Manages team logistics and monetary expenses. During competition, business is responsible for scouting, alliance&match strategy, and efforts towards the Safety and Chairman’s awards.

Programming: Writing and maintaining all code necessary for robot operation is the primary function of programming in and out of competition. Programming is also responsible for wiring. Programming will often engage in other projects throughout the year to develop its skills. Notable examples of this were the wiring of a home-made CNC router and the creation of a fingerprint scanner to log hours for students during build season, or the six week period that all FRC teams have to build their competition robots completely from scratch.

Mechanical: Operates and maintains all machinery in the team’s possession. This sub-team will construct a variety of projects and demos throughout the year to practice for its primary task: the design and assembly of the team’s competition robot. This sub-team will then shift into performing maintenance of the robot and the occasional addition of features during competition.