Becoming a Sponsor

If you are interested in sponsoring our team, please contact our head mentor, Bruce Whitefield.

Phone Number: (360)952-2471

Why Should My Company/I Sponsor Team 2471?

  • We will use your donations to build some out of this world machines. Whether it be our world-winning robot Artemis or the undefeated BunnyBot of 2022, your donation would not be wasted. 
  • Many of our sponsorships help fund students that are in need of scholarships to be a part of our team and be able to travel to different competitions. 
  • Our team that includes over 50 students and 10 mentors is heavily reliant on sponsors and we would not be able to compete every year if it was not for our amazing sponsors. 

How Can My Company/I Sponsor Team 2471? 

  • Donating a certain amount of money would be extremely beneficial to our team since we always have new projects we would like to work on. This money goes towards materials to create our robot from the motors moving the wheels to the wires powering the robot. 
  • If you have a certain materials/products that you believe could be beneficial to the team and you would like to sponsor us by donating a certain items, please do! Donations can range from mechanical parts like pvc pipes to programming materials like mice. 

What Do My Company/I Get From Sponsoring Team 2471?

  • Recognition advertised on our team website and robot. 
  • Not only will you get frequent newsletters about what our team has been up to, you will get to see just how impactful your sponsorship has on our team. 
  • A "Thank You" letter from an appreciative student that highlights just how important your sponsorship is to us. 
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