Frequently Asked Questions

  • How involved does one have to be?

    You can be as involved as you want! Although we have hour requirements to go to certain competitions, we welcome anyone who would like to learn something from our team! Being in robotics can be a big-time commitment, but it does not have to be! We do encourage you to participate a lot, but it is not expected nor necessary if you are not interested in robotics being a huge part of your time. 

  • Can I join the team right now?

    We are currently not accepting students anymore. If you are seeing this during November 2023 - May 2024, please come back in June 2024 where we will be accepting new students! In the meantime, please frequently check our website and Instagram for the latest on the team from competitions to outreach events. 

  • What are the specific hour requirements?

    We don't require any hours during the offseason, but when the regular build season starts, we require 75 hours during the first six weeks of build season to be eligible to attend our first regional competition. An additional 15 hours after each competition is required to attend the next. To be eligible to travel with our team to the World Championship, a minimum of 120 hours is required. We heavily consider dedication and hours for roles. If you believe you cannot meet the requirements, please reach out to our Faculty Advisor, Tracy. 
  • Do I need any experience?

             Absolutely not! Most students come knowing next to nothing and come out knowing almost everything! We have amazing mentors and students that will teach everything there is to know. 

  • Who can join?

    Since we are comprised of high schools, we only accept 9-12th graders, but if you are not in any of those grades, considering joining an FTC team until you can join FRC.

  • I'm not sure what I want to do on the team, is that okay?

    It is more than okay! Many students find themselves interested in being on the team, but don't find their "home" until months after they join. If you choose to join, feel free to shadow different subteams until you find where you belong! It is also very common for people to go from sub team to sub team throughout the year since your interests can change and that is perfectly okay! If you really feeling ambitious, you can be a part of more than one sub team, just make sure to not take on too much!

  • Is being a part of the team expensive?

    Although we may charge an annual fee of $250 to officially be a part of our team, we have scholarships that our amazing sponsors have made possible. The experience and knowledge you can gain from our team is priceless, but the team fee also includes transportation to multiple competitions, snacks/lunches provided during the build season and so much more! If you may have trouble affording the fees and other costs that may come along the way, please reach out to us! We want to do our best to accommodate you if you are having seconds thoughts of joining due to financial hardships.

  • When does our team meet?

    We meet every Monday at 6:30 at our shop for our weekly team meetings! The shop is open from 6:00-9:00pm every Monday and Thursday(besides holidays and certain days during the summer). Please check our calendar for the most accurate and up-to-date information on our meetings, outreach events etc. Our stemnasium is usually open every Monday and Thursday from 6:30-9:00pm. During the build season, the shop and stemnasium are usually open almost everyday, but please check the calendar and/or team slack to make sure!

  • What does a typical build season include?

    January-Mid-February: We kickoff the build season the first/second Saturday of January with watching the game reveal as a team and then transitioning into brainstorming, designing, programming etc., for the next six weeks.  Mid-February-Beginning of March: We keep working on the robot, constant testing, fixing and much more happen in hopes of our first competition in the first/second week of March. Mid-March-End of April: We go to (hopefully) a total of four competitions (two district, one district championship and the Worlds Competition). We fix the robot in between competitions(there is usually a week or two between every competition).

  • What does a typical offseason look like?

    Early September- End of December: We prepare for our only off-season competition (BunnyBots) It is a mock season where we brainstorm, design, build, program, wire and run a robot to a competition held at Caitlin Gabel High School. This competition helps our current student leaders have a feel for responsibilities they will have in the regular season and new students learn and experience what the regular season may look like. Early May- End of August: We chill down for a little and focus on what we can improve on for next season, attend outreach events, go to sponsors’ events, reach out to sponsors, work on summer projects and some may even go on vacation. Attendance during the summer is not expected but if you had time, we would love to have you.   

  • I am interested in sponsoring, how do I become a sponsor?

    Thank you! We appreciate every single one of our sponsors and would love to have you sponsor our team. Please visit the becoming a sponsor page for more information! If you have any additional questions on how to become one, contact us!

  • My Question was not answered, who can I ask?

    We are sorry if we did not answer your question! Please reach out to us if you have any additional questions on anything, contact us!

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