Tools to help your team.

Technical and Safety

CADs, setting up a roborio, strategic design, and everything to help your team be successful. Learn safety techniques that keeps Team 2471 stays safe

If you want CADs of some of the many robots produced at Team Mean Machine, you’ve come to the right place. Please, in downloading these CADs, respect the original designers by not majorly modifying and/or reproducing them on other websites. If you have any other questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

2018 – Atlas

2017 Bunnybots – Screamin’ Demon

2017 – Carbon³

2016 Bunnybots – Speedy (Incomplete)

2016 Bunnybots – ThunderMcBoomStix (Incomplete)

Our team prides itself in having a very efficient design process for each year’s robot. Linked below is our guide to the strategic design process that we use every year. When sharing, please be sure to give the proper credit to the team. Thank you!

Strategic Design for 2017

A common hurdle for any beginning FRC team or programming sub-team is the set-up of a roboRIO. Recognizing this hurdle, 2471 has created detailed instructions on how to set-up a RoboRio for Java development below. Feel free to contact us with any further questions!

Instructions Here

Team 2471 has not only a Safety Captain, but a whole safety division! The team as a whole takes pride knowing that they always put safety first. The safety division doesn’t function as a babysitter, rather it focuses on safety outreach and promoting a holistic safety culture.

Safety Tips and more

This page is for housing diagrams and instructions on proper use of machinery throughout the shop. This is the remote “learn how to machine” idea, where you study at home and then come to the first 30 minutes of shop ready to mow down the safety sheet.

Machinery use and Certification

Interested in learning how our team makes videos? Well you’re in luck! The lead videographer here on Team 2471 has made tutorial videos on how to make such videos! These tutorials cover a wide range of topics, from planning a script, to certain ways to film, to the editing process. You can check out the video playlist to view all 16 videos.

2016 Tutorial Video Playlist

Outreach and more

Team Mean Machine prides itself in the amount of outreach accomplished over the years. From hosting an official FLL meet for the past 3 years, to participating in numerous fairs and community events, to teaching other FIRST teams in many different subjects. We also offer mental as well as financial support to several FLL and FTC teams in the area through our Mini-Machine program.

Mini-Machine is a 2471 program to mentor FLL teams, FTC teams, and STEM clubs throughout the Camas, Washougal, and Hockinson area. This program seeks to disseminate knowledge and resources for the benefit of the next generation of 2471 members. The pages below are designed as introductions to each of these areas.

FTC Mini-Machine

Fll Mini-Machine

Stem Clubs Mini-Machine

Team Mean Machine can be found at numerous events throughout the year demonstrating FRC Robotics and engaging the community in STEM principles. A brief description and location of each of the public demonstrations can be found below. Specific dates are available on event coordinators’ websites.

Community Events

FIRST Faire is a yearly event hosted by Team 3131 Gladstone Robotics. This event is designed for various teams to share their knowledge with other teams in the Portland Area. Several of Team 2471’s mentors and alumni gave presentations on various topics in order to share their knowledge with the local community. You can view these presentations below. Please be sure to respect the original producers by not altering the presentation in any way and giving credit to the original producers. Thank you!

Manipulators – Bruce Whitefield

Team Made Tools and Fixtures – Bruce Whitefield

Our upcoming FRC competition season includes several team travel opportunities. The team will attend two district competitions in March and the PNW Championships in April. There are several branches of 2471 operating at any given moment during competition. Thus, each student is required to fulfill their given position. While teamwork and competing are the focus, an emphasis on safe and orderly conduct at competition is of the utmost importance. Respect and comply with team, FIRST, and venue rules and regulations. Below is a link for forms that need to be read filled:

Travel Information

Team Mean Machine is comprised of three primary sub-teams. Each of these three sub-teams fulfill unique functions in keeping 2471 running smoothly both in and out of competition. These sub-teams along with their specific functions is listed the page below

Team Structure